Advancement in PC Laptop Computers

Published: 08th September 2009
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In the past decade, the change in computer technology is unrivaled. We have watched all types of technology changes but without doubt, the changes to laptop computers are truly amazing. Because PC laptop computers are now so affordable, they are found in just about every home on the planet. Whether using a laptop solely for business purposes, to do homework for school, or to enjoy online gaming, you will be impressed with the options available. Many people prefer the larger, standard laptop computer but another option is the notebook, which is very lightweight and affordable, making it a more portable solution.

PC laptop computers are more powerful, robust, and even affordable than ever before. In fact, people can now choose monitors measuring 17 inches in size or more, making viewing easier. Some of the new features associated with today's laptop computers include web cams, built-in keyboards and mouse, longer lasting batteries, DVD playing and burning, and more.

While a desktop computer is another great option, laptops provide portability you would not get with a desktop. People that travel on business, enjoy taking vacations, or attend college benefit most from PC laptop computers. With wireless capability, you simply turn the computer on and in seconds, you would have Internet capability, plugged in or running on battery.

The size of today's PC laptop computers is much smaller than they were initially. On the smaller end is a computer measuring 10x8 inches and designed with a 13-inch monitor. However, if you prefer a larger computer, which means bigger keyboard, then the 15x11-inch computer with 17-inch monitor would be ideal. Even the thickness of newer PC laptop computers is smaller, some as thin as 0.7 inches but very few more than 1.5 inches. Obviously, the smaller the computer the lighter and easier to carry but even the larger laptops are highly mobile.

To protect various components such as the mouse, keyboard, and monitor, PC laptop computers are designed with flip tops that securely open and shut. With many of the newer laptops now offered on the market weight 12 pounds or less, carrying them in computer bags has never been easier. Laptop computers from years earlier were much heavier, making them difficult for travel.

PC laptop computers, with the PC standing for "personal computer" were actually created during the 1970s but at that time, they were heavy, cumbersome, limited, and expensive. The first real "portable" concept did not come until 1972 when Alan Kay, a Xerox PARC worker, created the Dynabook. Initially, laptop computers were used for a very limited group of people but then nine years later, PC laptop computers were introduced to the public. The only two models being offered included the Epson HX-20 and the Osborne 1 and while portable, the computers were very expensive and they weighed a lot, making them unappealing.

People look for PC laptop computers that are powerful, have long-lasting batteries, large screens, a high level of memory, built-in features, and portability. Today, hundreds of different options are available, computers that are lightweight, affordable and loaded with tons of benefits. While the initial computers were $6,000 and more, today, you can purchase a nice cheap laptop computer for less than $700 and a notebook for even less.

Whether using a PC laptop computer for schoolwork, business while traveling, for online gaming, research, or any other purpose, owning one is easy with prices being so low and wireless technology making the laptops mobile. In looking back at how far laptops have come, it is exciting to think what the future holds. You can now purchase interchangeable computers, which means if you travel or plan to move to a foreign country, the processor, hard drive, and other peripherals would work. PC laptop computers are without doubt one of the best investments a person can make.

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